Feedsearch provides a simple API for searching websites for RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds. It's the library that runs the feed search function at Auctorial.

Feeds for xkcd: Westerns

API Usage

Make a GET request to https://feedsearch.auctorial.com/search with a "url" value in the querystring containing the URL you'd like to search:

curl https://feedsearch.auctorial.com/search?url=arstechnica.com

If the scheme (e.g. "https://") is not provided in the "url" value then the scheme will default to "http://".

The API returns a JSON list of found feeds, with attached metadata about the feed.

    "bozo": 0, 
    "content_type": "text/xml; charset=UTF-8", 
    "description": "Serving the Technologist for more than a decade. IT news, reviews, and analysis.", 
    "favicon": "https://cdn.arstechnica.net/favicon.ico", 
    "favicon_data_uri": "", 
    "hubs": [
    "is_push": true, 
    "score": 4, 
    "self_url": "http://feeds.arstechnica.com/arstechnica/index", 
    "site_name": "Ars Technica", 
    "site_url": "https://arstechnica.com/", 
    "title": "Ars Technica", 
    "url": "http://feeds.arstechnica.com/arstechnica/index/", 
    "version": "rss20"

The API accepts the following query parameters:

  • url: The URL to search. Will return 400 Bad Request if not set.
  • info: Returns all feed metadata as above. Defaults True. If False, only found URLs are returned, and all other values will be empty or default.
  • checkall: Checks all the links at the given URL for feeds, and attempts a few guesses. Defaults False.
  • favicon: Returns favicon as a Data Uri. Defaults False.


Feedsearch is written as an Python library, and is available as a Python package on PyPI.

Further documentation and source code can be found at the Feedsearch Github repository.